Friday, December 08, 2006


Crispin Glover's audio interview

His new film What Is It is touring the country right now.
He has another film coming to Sundance in 2007.
Much more too, listen in here.

Listen to this cool interview with Crispin Glover that I did last week for his new experimental film What Is It?

Playing at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood Dec 8,9,10 and Glover will ber there for ALL the performances. Check it out.

Info about the movie: HERE

Info about Indieville: Yo HERE

Saturday, August 26, 2006


National Lampoon talks about comedy and new technology

National Lampoon is everywhere. Michael Motta, VP of Business Development 18/24 Film Marketing and Distribution, A Division of National Lampoon & Justin Kanew, Director of Development speak about innovations in comedy at this bastion of funny. National Lampoon's network of channels across all media and the college world is extensive. There is no end to the branching out at this point. Listen to the podcast for all their insights.

Monday, July 31, 2006


Win $10,000 - Interview with John Katzman from Columbia College Chicago's Semester in LA & The Third Screen Film Festival

Listen to this insightful interview with John Katzman, the director of the Semester in LA program part of the largest film school in America, Columbia College Chicago. The only film school to have a permanent place on a studio lot. They are the organizers of the Third Screen Festival which promises to highlight the best and brightest of mobile/cellular content.

Win a $10,000 grant for your mobile content at the Third Screen Film Festival (TSFF) will be the definitive cell phone film festival for the new millennium. Run from the 100 year old Radford Lot in Hollywood, home of thousands of successful movies and television series, The TSFF perfectly matches the distribution skills of North America’s largest film shorts company, Nano TV, with the country’s largest Media Arts School, Columbia College Chicago, and a tremendous Hollywood presence to create the biggest, most high profile, most accessible film festival ever created for the Third Screen.

TSFF participants will have an opportunity to have their films viewed on Sprint, Cingular and Treo via MobiTV during a four month run this summer. Imagine telling your friends, from Maine to Florida, from Seattle to San Diego (and in many International Places as well) that all they have to do is turn on their cell phones to watch your film short.

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Interview with Barry Kotler from the Gersh Agency

Barry Kotler went to the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where he earned a BA in Radio, TV and Film. To earn a living in Madison, he worked for Wisconsin Public Television, producing segments for the riveting, nationally syndicated show, “Sewing with Nancy”. After mastering embroidery, Barry moved back to Chicago and worked for a short-lived international television syndication company, and then for himself, producing TV shows without buyers. He learned the hard way that a sale should be in place before the cameras start to roll. After deciding that it was Hollywood or bust, Kotler was accepted into the UCLA Producer Program. Fast forward and he is now the coordinator of the Literary Department at the Gersh Agency in Los Angeles. He also serves on the board of the Independent Television Festival. The following interview delves into the current state of writing in Hollywood and how this concept of indie television is starting to shift the small screen's focus to more unique content. Listen in...


Monday, July 17, 2006


Emmy-nominated writer, producer, & director MICHAEL ROTMAN talks about independent television

Emmy-nominated writer, producer, & director MICHAEL ROTMAN spills all with us about being the creator of indie television is this special section covering the shifts in television. Michael Rotman has written for shows including Later with Greg Kinnear, Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher (for which he was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award- note the nominated so he didn't actually win and Chris Rock has a restraining order out against him - this is a comedy site folks). Michael has written for Rocket Power, as well as a contributing, one day stint on South Park "Tom's Rhinoplasty" (the lesbian teacher episode.) He has been busy producing TV- first as a Supervising Producer on USA's "Strip Poker" then as a Show Producer on "Street Smarts" Producer on The Game Show Network's "Cram." A Story Editor on Fox's show "Simple Life" with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie as well as a Producer on "The Teen Choice Awards" where he directed Paris and Nicole and celebrity guests like; Tyra Banks, Method Man and Red and Blink 182. Currently Michael Rotman is Supervising Story Producer on the new Fox show "Nanny 911". So basically he is a total sellout to the reality tv world to make money but he does have great insights on how tv is changing. He also serves on the board for the Independent Television Festival so despite his looks he is quite smart, funny for a non-goy, and well-connected.


For more details check out and And check him out on Myspace.


Grammy-winner Steve Smith from Dirty Vegas talks about scoring 'Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down'

Dirty Vegas tells all about his role in scoring The Boy's and Girl's Guide to Getting Down. Paul Harris, Steve Smith and Ben Harris are three lads from Kent and the South London suburbs with very different musical backgrounds (and that strange Cockney accent), united by a shared love of a good tune and a passion for partying. We'll be listening to Steve Smith today.

A drummer since schooldays, Steve Smith gave up his job in the print trade during the rave explosion when he realised he could make more money playing live percussion in clubs at weekends. By the mid-90s he was playing in a band called Higher Ground, and when the singer left he reluctantly stepped in, discovering with some surprise that he had a fine voice. When the band fell apart he went to Ibiza to write, but then a chance meeting with Paul at an airport on the way to a club event led to a wild weekend, and the idea of making music together. ((I'm not even going to touch that one. I think they've touched enough.))


Dirty Vegas' official website is
The movie's website is

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Norbert Weisser interview discussing Albert Pyun's 2005 film - Infection

Interview with Norbert Weisser who starred in Infection, Albert Pyun's 2005 thriller. He talks about his exceptional start in film and discusses his solid history in theatre.

Film synopsis - On May 19, 2004, an unprecedented biological outbreak occurred in Lawton, California. A classified N.S.A.A. report detailed the carnage which ensued that night. This film is based on that top-secret report.

Norbert Weisser, born in Neu-Isenburg Germany, came to Los Angeles in 1966 and began acting in the LA Experimental theatre scene of the 60s and 70s. He became a founding member of the Odyssey Theatre Ensemble, the ProVisional Theatre, We Tell Stories and the Padua Hills Playwrights' Festival where he originated the role of Trickster through collaboration with playwright Murray Mednick in the epic seven hour "Coyote Cycle". Some of his roles in theatre include: Rode in Ronald Harwood's "Taking Sides" at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre on Broadway, Mac Heath in "The Three Penny Opera" and Eddy in "Mary Barnes" at the Odyssey Theatre L.A. (for which he received a Drama Logue Award for: best supporting actor), Decius in "Julius Cesar" at the Matrix Theatre L.A., Fredric in "The Ramp" at the South Coast Repertory Theatre, Vershinin in "The Three Sisters" at the Dallas Theatre Center TX, Neigel in "See Under Love" at the ATJT in San Francisco and most recently Oscar in John O'Keefe's "Times Like These" in San Francisco, Albany, NY and Los Angeles where he received an Ovation Award, an LA Weekly Award and an LA Drama Critics Circle nomination for best actor in a leading role. He directed Mednick's "The Coyote Cycle" in San Francisco at the Magic Theatre and "Heads" at the Los Angeles Marc Taper Forum's New Works Festival. His motion picture credits include: Midnight Express, Heavens Gate, The Thing, Android, Three Amigos, Walker, Chaplin, Hocus Pocus, The Road to Wellville, Schindler's List, Pollock and Around the Bend. Some of his television credits are: The Incident, Seeds of Tragedy, Amelia Earheart, Riders of the Purple Sage, My Antonia, From the Earth to the Moon, Alias, Navy NCIS and ER. He writes screenplays with Thomas Morris and Don Keith Opper and is currently producing two Albert Pyun films, Infection and Cool Air, to be released at the end of 2005. Weisser is represented by SDB Partners in LA. He lives with his wife in Venice, California. They have a son, Morgan Weisser, who is also an actor.


Independent Television Festival interview with founder

Independent Television Festival goes for it in July. Listen in as AJ Tesler gives insights into pulling together this event and talks about the state of television. He is joined by Steve Basilone, co-director of programming.

AJ Tesler is a graduate of Northwestern University where he studied Economics and Theater, giving him a fully capable knowledge of the business of entertainment. He has been a successful actor, appearing on a number of television programs; writer/producer, having written and produced television pilots and festival films; and marketing executive, responsible for designing marketing plans for actors, shows, films, and musicians. After being reared in Pittsburgh, Steve Basilone journeyed to New England to study. Before graduating Magna Cum Laude, Steve helped start one of Boston's most successful comedy troupes, ‘Jimmy's Traveling All-Stars. While studying, Steve also produced and hosted several radio shows on Boston's Best Independent Radio Station’ and worked in and around Boston and New York as a freelance photographer, with photos appearing in Gotham Magazine, Boston Magazine and The Weekly Dig.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


LA Film Fest favorite - Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down

The Boy's & Girl's Guide to Getting Down is here. We have the official scoop from many of the production team. Paul Sapiano's feature directorial debut showcases his experience as a successful commercial director. In true indie style all the production team pulled long hours for less than scale to create a truly funny and playful film about the LA Club Scene. There are many valid pointers in the film for those looking for the nonstop party that can be Los Angeles. Look out for a mini-series on this project as we also talk with Grammey-winner "Dirty Vegas" Steve Smith who scored the film, Executive Producer Enrique Aguirre, and Graphics Meistro Larimie Garcia. But first up is Paul for your download pleasure. _edit_boysgirls.mp3

Their official site is

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Sian Hedder - Cannes Winner - Interview with Indieville

Sian Heder's film Mother rocked 2006 Cannes this year. The first time director provided exceptional production quality AND an expectional script. We wish her luck with the feature version. Listen to her interview as she discusses how to make a small time film into a big hit.

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